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AzarAb Manufacturing and Production Company

AzarAb Manufacturing and Production Company is the main part of AzarAb factories and the majority part of its shares belongs to AzarAb Holding Company.  At first phase, this company is the operator of those projects that are submitted from Holding and have no direct sale.  Scope of AzarAb activity on purchase and choosing the contractors, management and financial management are determined according holding policy.  In financial processes such as human resources management and financial management this company follow the Holding assigned Policies.  The financial management of this company with the project management companies and holding is according the determined transferable price principles.  The aim is making the company capable to find a position that in the first phase based on holding restrictions and supports framework find a position that in the second phase can act according the market conditions.
The company foundation is based on four-profit center: 1- Boiler engineering and manufacturing 2- equipment and vessels engineering and manufacturing 3- waterpower plants engineering and manufacturing 4- cement plants equipment engineering and manufacturing.  Common services and operations between these four centers are included in one of the following groups:  (1) they will be divided between most used profit centers and combined with them.  (2) The will be abandoned to a contractor and centers are free to use their services.  (3) Those activities, which are neither abandoned nor dividable, will be organized in a production-supporting center.  AzarAb Manufacturing and Production Company’s main activities are as follow:
• Cooperating with holding in proposal preparation and sales negotiations
• Cooperating in projects planning
• Cooperating in research and development
• Manufacturing engineering
• Purchase and production planning
• Purchase (based on holding preferences)
• Manufacturing and production
• dispatching
• Erection and commissioning support
• After sales services