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Strategic Goals

AzarAb important points in appointing the goals and major policies are as follows:
• Equilibrating all company’s strategies such as human resources development, technology, research and development, for a solely looking process to production and supply
• Globalization in a long-term program filling the existing gaps
• Following the market strategic standards and finding the regional commercial opportunities regional
• International development in heavy industries
AzarAb quality and long-term goals are as follows:
• Technological development and growth centralizing the energy, oil, mines and metals strengthening technological capability for local made along with reducing our home land and related industries foreign dependency
• Environmental conservation and making optimum use of our facilities regulating and making use of industrial research for solving the company’s technological problems Increasing the operation rates of our current capabilities based on Islamic republic of Iran Long term preferences
• Establishment of new production, planning, engineering and research capabilities based on the processes of above-mentioned program regular growth in production increased rate
• Allocating a significant part of our financial resources to research invention and technological advance met sections
• Making our personnel and experts acquainted with new sciences and techniques related to our now and future industries
• Strengthening scientific and systematic basis of our personnel and encouraging them to study and research about related
• Industrial advancements, which result in AzarAb technological advancement making use of appropriate technology especially, related to software hardware, management and organizing
• Having more relations with local scientific and research centers in related industries
• Trying to achieve our consultant and leader ship share from all domestic and regional markets trying to penetrate into international markets and increasing the quality of exported products and services
• Changing the middle and operational manager’s attitudes forms sole production to customer and market together with production –market strategic problems Making effort to know about processes, secrets and tools of the competitors In the market for increasing our competition capability
• Researching about how to make optimum use of regional energy, giving effective plans to prevent waste of energy and to in crease the energy market share
• Making use of foreign mass media for marketing and advertisement
• Revising the commercial, marketing and export organizational charts and forming the essential departments in above-mentioned fields
AzarAb general and long-term policies for achieving its above-mentioned goals are listed bellow:
• Making technologic preferences and increasing the quality of products and services in front of competitors
• Making use of customary processes in outdoor and indoor technology and Participate with international technological pioneers making essential fields for developing technologic data electronic exchange based on international advancements
• Developing the current facilities based on our long-term goals
• Pushing into operation, strengthening and establishment of engineering, planning and consultant entities and lead the efforts to perform related plans in national level
• Maximizing the use of machine and equipment manufacturing capacities of the company
• Updating planning and products manufacturing technology
• Improving the production processes for eliminating the losses and increasing the efficiency of our personnel
• Increasing the local made percentage of our current and future products Using regional facilities
• Increasing the efficiency of production factors and making optimum use of software and hardware facilities by establishing and/or improving the joins between the national competitions and subcontractors
• Increasing the managerial and organizational capabilities
• Fulfilling the constant and expanded training principle in all occupational levels along with strengthening training facilities and capabilities
• Making different industrial for export and increasing the capital and technologic goods
• Establishing a powerful structure for export in accordance with inner and environmental elements
• Making the essential advantages by controlling the price and increasing the Quality of products and services to increase the target markets share
• Using the commerce customary processes to achieve credit, financing and commercial and technologic partner ship
• Drawing the partnership of superior aligned and lowers industrial companies for strengthening the financial credits, research and technological fields planning and engineering, purchase engineering and general contract
• Investing on informative, technological and human resources development projects for entering the international class
• Establishing the suppliers and subcontractors network for increasing the production and sales amount of the company